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What is UTO? A cultural project investing in authors' creativity, letting them express themselves even before they are aware of their talent. Founded in 2004 by Demetrio Sartorio, after a 15 year career in the music industry and the creation and development of the million-selling band Le Vibrazioni. The mission of UTO is to stimulate talented music writers to create free from any kind of business pressione.

How did UTO begin? The first represented authors are ErikaBlu, and the back catalogue of the band Le Vibrazioni.

UTO's songs UTO represents compositions in Italian, French and Spanish, so far. UTO is a big brother: the support given by its team works 360 around the creation of songs, investing on authors on a long term basis.

Why UTO? Un Tucano Ovunque (A toucan everywhere): the toucan comes from the movie What's so bad about feeling good (1968, George Seaton), which is UTO's slogan; the toucan bears a virus of happiness,fun and wealth, from which everybody at UTO, employees and authors, have been infected.

Where's UTO? The company is based in Milan, with branches in Paris, London and Amsterdam. UTO is interested in developing music with no boundaries whatsoever.

Coming soon Peachead label, soon opening in London.

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